Thank You!

Thank you to the Artists, Volunteers and friends who helped St. Mary of Providence Center present 2021 Magnifest, a series of summer nights filled with music and praise, renewing the mind, heart and soul among the beautiful rolling hills of northern Chester County’s countryside.

We look forward to seeing eveyone next summer!

Meet The 2021 Artists!

Jule Copa (July 31)

Jule Coppa is a PA native, former FOCUS missionary, and currently serves as the campus minister for the University of Pennsylvania.  New to the songwriting scene, her music taps into the crushes, heartbreak, homesickness and humor that come with growing up and trying to find God’s plan for your life.

Jule is a solo musician. “I play at open mics around Philly, and have also played a ticketed show opening for some local Philly bands. I just started writing music in the last couple of years, and play mostly originals though I’m happy to sprinkle in some covers! My songs are not explicitly praise music but they have spiritual themes and are very personal.”

Check out her sound by clicking here!

Jack Terzian (July 31)

Jack Terzian is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer-songwriter, and performer. After a time away from God, he returned to the faith while at college in New Orleans. Left with a compelling story, his mission has become sharing his experience of redemption through God-given gifts and talents.

He uses intelligent lyricism and catchy hooks to convey the message of the Gospel in a modern way, drawing from his own life experiences in a way that his peers and contemporaries can relate to and comprehend. His musical style is singer-songwriter / acoustic hip-hop.   Click here to listen!

Three and One (August 7)

Three brothers and one other! Three and One has been performing professionally since 2015 when the youngest member was in elementary school. Gus, Finn, Cosmo, and Jack cover a wide variety of music including rock, pop, jazz, and dance music. Jack (no relation) can play all of the instruments, but he chooses the drums for gigging because he enjoys the setup and tear down. Like countless keyboard players before him, Finn believes that the guitarist is his mortal enemy — which is unfortunate since he lives with his brother Gus, the guitarist, who is a lover, not a fighter. Cosmo, the youngest member of the band, plays bass to support his Nintendo Switch habit. He’s hoping they release Super Mario Rock Band, and his dreams will be complete.

Listen to this talented band by clicking here!

Hanna Mangiovillano (August 7)

Hello!  I am a solo musician playing guitar and singing. I am a rising senior in college at West Chester University of PA where I lead weekly worship for adoration through the Newman Center.  I am currently working as the musician for a Catholic summer camp in Colorado called Annunciation Heights.  I have helped cantor for liturgy at Saint Joseph’s parish in Downingtown since middle school. I also was one of the winner’s of FOCUS’s Beauty Initiative Awaken competition in 2019 (can be found on all platforms).  Since then, I have continued to be led by the Lord towards the mission of writing catholic-rooted music and the ministry of touching hearts through beauty.

You can listen to Hanna by clicking here.

Jean Coppa Milani (August 7)

Jean Coppa Milani was born into a large family of artists and musicians where she was taught from an early age to love beauty, look for truth and understanding, and try to get along with her brothers and sisters.  As a child, she squandered the hard-earned money her loving parents provided to give her piano, harp, and violin lessons by spending her time writing poems and songs.  These songs, though quite nonsensical at first, developed into poignant, compassionate poetry accompanied by complex melodies and harmony.

After studying Music Therapy at Temple University, Jean worked with autistic children at the Timothy School where, when she was so weary of singing the same old songs, she began to write her own songs for and about her “first forty” children.  These songs, ranging in topic from losing teeth to the solar system, eventually became part of plays that gave her autistic children opportunities to shine in front of others.  Jean continues to write songs born from the beauty and suffering she sees around her.  She is thankful for a gift that enables her to deal with her own troubles and also minister to others by showing them the love and tender care that God has for them.

Listen to Jean by clicking here!

Bill McCann (August 7)

At age 9, Bill McCann started to learn two skills that have blessed him throughout his life: learning to play the trumpet and learning to read braille music. These related skills enabled him to study at and graduate from a music conservatory, teach both sighted and blind students to play the trumpet, lead his own jazz band, play for wedding ceremonies and special liturgies, and found a software company dedicated to improving access to music notation for blind and low vision performers. His work has brought him to over twenty countries, to interviews on the BBC and with the Associated Press, and even to the White House.

In 1992, he founded Dancing Dots to help blind and low vision musicians to independently read music, write their music down, and to record their music. He and his long-time business associate and friend, Albert Milani, created the world’s first commercial braille music translator software, GOODFEEL® and has pioneered in the area of creating what he calls “talking braille scores”.

His composition about a blind driver who dreams of his first solo ride in a self-driving vehicle, “The Glorious Dream: Ballad of the Google Car”, has provoked both laughter and reflection in YouTube subscribers everywhere. For the bicentenary of the birth of Louis Braille in 2009, Mr. McCann was invited to speak about braille music at UNESCO at a special international conference in Paris dedicated to Braille’s memory.

Listen to Bill by clicking here!

Gus deSimone (August 7 & 14)

Gus began playing guitar and writing songs after an impromptu battle of the bands invite singing for his wannabe rocker friends in high school. That was in 2006 and for the next 7 years he would write secular pop songs, but after his reversion to the faith in 2013, they started taking on a Christian flavor.

Gus’s songwriting found new life as he wrote about his journey in the faith, lives of the saints, and the psalms. To date Gus released 4 albums; A War Already Won, Saints Alive Vol. 1, Songs for Mary, and Psalms.

Give Gus a listen by clicking here!

Craig & Olivia (August 14)

We’re Craig & Olivia. Our story began with an unlikely match up for an 11th grade variety show and grew to a partnership that’s lasting a lifetime. We’ve built a YouTube channel over the years and performed all over the Philadelphia area. We’re now married with a baby of our own and love to play praise and worship but also sing modern upbeat and fun pop covers along with our EP and Full Length album, Lost With You.

Give us a listen by clicking here!

Sarah Carpenter (August 14)

Hello my name is Sarah Carpenter! I’ve been playing music for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until recently that I started writing and performing my music. I sing and predominantly play guitar, but I also love jamming out on piano too! I lead praise and worship frequently at my parish and for other p&w nights with the organization Mission Youth. I am a full time Catholic missionary so whenever we have missions I sing and play guitar for adoration and masses! I always say that the songs I write are not written by me, but by the Holy Spirit and that is so so true. He has changed my life through music, and I want to bring that same change to others through song!

Listen to Sarah by clicking here!

Pawel Machura / Randall Tan (July 31 & August 14)

Pawel Machura is a music therapist at CHOP and a professional guitarist who loves to create multi – instrumental layers to praise God. He’s created songs about St Joseph and the realities of Christian life, but also greatly enjoys covering Jazz, Blues, and Rock hits. In addition to improving others’ lives through music therapy, he also partners with his wife, Kate Capato, on the mission of spreading truth through beauty by traveling to offer faith based art and music events that help people enter into deeper relationship with God.

We can’t wait to have Paweł live with us on Aug 14 th and know you’ll wanna be there!

Click here to listen to a sneak of his work and snag your tickets to hear more on Aug 14 th!

Joining Pawel will be Randall Tan!  Randall has been married to his wife, Bianca for almost two years and are expecting their first child. Currently he works for The Culture Project Intl. inviting young people to join as missionaries. He loves playing guitar, all things music, and The Great British Baking Show